Luthic[edit | edit source]

Luthic (looth-ick) has a strong affinity for the ground on which her enduring strength is built. Although hardly able to be considered kind, she tends to the injured with brusque efficiency and is seen as the quiet bedrock on which her pantheon rests. The Cave Mother doesn't take kindly to those who abuse her name, inflicting wasting diseases on her offenders. She has a nasty temper which can erupt at any given moment. Though outwardly servile to the male orc gods, she is cunning enough to manipulate Gruumsh and Bahgtru, and through the two of them, she often gets her way.

The church of Luthic is prominent within most orc tribes, primarily because it claims the bulk of the female population as its worshipers. Her church appears outwardly weak in comparison to the other orc gods' clergies, and is subservient to the church of Gruumsh. In truth, the Cave Mother's church forms the stable base of most tribes, ensuring that a steady stream of future orc warriors are born each year. Clerics of Luthic tend to the general health of the tribe, healing injuries sustained in battle, ministering to the young and females in childbirth, and generally maintaining morale among the tribe. They are also known to teach simple healing and herbalism to orcs, skills that enable the tribe's warriors to survive many battles.

Clerics and adepts of Luthic pray for their spells each day whenever the moon is highest in the sky. Her holy days are tied to the new moon, the symbol of orc fertility. The Feast of the Moon is know to the Cave Mother's followers as the Coming of the Winter Cave, for most tribes must retreat to Luthic's domain during the harsh winter months. Many young are conceived during this celebration, ensuring another generation of warriors. Rumors exist of a secret group of Luthicar monks existing within some tribes, attacking unarmed since females are denied the use of weapons by males.

Dogma[edit | edit source]

Life is sheltered within the earth from which it springs. Honor the wisdom of the Cave Mother, whose strength is the backbone of the horde and the root of valor in battle. Understand your position within the tribe and do your part to strengthen the tribe against all rivals. The cave is the sheltering embrace of the Mother of Bahgtru and the bastion of orc strength. Endure all hardships.

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